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Blue Creek Kennel Facts

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Blue Creek Kennel Facts
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Blue Creek Kennel. FAQ's

1. Q: How much are your puppies?

A: Our puppies range in price dependent upon the quality of the pup. See the pricing and shipping link for price ranges and/or click on the Male/Female Bichon Pups link to find out the exact price of the pup you are interested in.

2. Q: How much is shipping to city name?

A: Shipping to most any destination in the continental US is about the same. We have decided to go with a flat shipping rate of $250 which includes the puppy's shipping crate and required veterinarian health examination.

3. Q: Do you have any recent pictures of the pups/parents?

A: All of the pics on the site are pretty current. The site is updated regularly.

Henry Keele
Vicki Keele