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It's hard to believe that it has been almost twenty years now. What started as just a hobby has now turned into a seven day per week operation. Our last vacation was almost seven years ago. Our pups are our lives. When we're not working to develop the highest quality Bichons to further enhance the best characteristics of the breed, we're tending to our horses and cattle. The operation of our farm keeps our family happy, healthy, and most importantly... together.

In twenty years we have learned a lot. We are surprised by very little anymore. It has taken twenty years to develop the quality of the kennel that we have here at Blue Creek. It has also taken some time to develop the quality of the puppies that we currently handle. Many long days have gone into organizing and maintaining the appearance of Blue Creek.

When Blue Creek started we were breeding Bichon's. We had 2 of these little guys in the beginning. Over the years we have followed the puppy purchasing "trends" through to this day. Believe it or not, different breeds go in and out of "fashion." In all we have bred 5 breeds of dogs. We breed for the simple joy of it. The breeding that takes place at Blue Creek Kennel is a very controlled process. Each litter is maticulously planned and our adult dogs are matched to enhance the best characteristics of the breed. Our pups are Eukanuba babies. We believe in quality!

Our Registered Bichon Frise Start At $500
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Puppies, Adult Dogs .

AKC & ACA Reg. Bred for mild temperament and overall soundness. Lap dog, family pet, or show quality available. Adult dogs on premises. Vet checked puppies available now!


Bichon Frise
Currently we are working with the Bichon Frise for their fluffy, feathery look, laid-back temperament, and for another very important characteristic... they are nearly hypoalergenic. They don't shed. They're wonderful for people with allergies. It's sad that allergies to pet dander keep many puppy lovers from owning a loving companion. Bichons make it possible for those who are unfortunate enough to be alergic to pets to have a loving pet of their own, and that's what Blue Creek Kennel is all about... having a loving pet to own.

$500 and up

Henry Keele
Vicki Keele