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Blue Creek Kennel. Return Policy

While we have never yet had a puppy returned to us, here is our return policy...

1. All sales are final unless the puppy has a health related issue that must be addressed.
2. Any health related issue that is discovered upon arrival by the buyer's veterinarian must be documented in writing.
3. To obtain a refund, the puppy must be returned with veterinarian's documentation showing that the puppy is in less than good health. Upon acquisition of a veterinarian's receipt, and return of the puppy, the client will receive refund less the 2.9% Paypal fee for processing costs if applicable.
4. If the puppy is found defective, Blue Creek Kennel reserves the right to replace the puppy with a new pup or refund the client in the event that a puppy of equaly quality is not available.

Blue Creek Kennel. Shipping

Shipping... you can imagine that in nearly 20 years we have done this a few times. The shipping process is really very simple. Here's how it's done...

1. All Bichons from Blue Creek Kennel will be shipped from Tulsa International Airport to the airport of your choice.

2. We will need to know when (month/day) you would like your new Bichon shipped and which airport you would like it shipped to. In the event that we cannot accommodate your primary shipping date, please include at least one alternate shipping date. We will do our very best to ship your pup on the day you request or as close to that day as possible.

3. Your name and address will be the verification you need to pick the pup/adult up from the airport, so bring your driver's license/personal ID!

4. Upon receipt of your payment, we will send you an invoice as an e-mail attachment showing your payment and any balance due. Any balance remaining is due Two Weeks prior to the shipping date.

5. When we have received payment in full we will make an appointment with our veterinarian to get the airline-required health verification that ensures your new Bichon is in top health and is capable of making the trip to its new home. We will also purchase the airline required shipping crate at that time.

6. When we have secured a shipping date, we will give you a phone call confirming the shipping date, arrival time, and the flight number on which you should expect your new Bichon to arrive.




Do you have any questions? Send us an e-mail at:

Henry Keele
Vicki Keele